Fun with Geography

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Who: : K-12 teachers (elementary, social studies, science, modern language,anyone).  

What: Two workshops sponsored by the New Hampshire Geographic Alliance (NHGA) in one day of fun and activity. In the first workshop you will learn how to have your school celebrate Geography Awareness Week-November 16-22 with ideas and materials for lessons, activities, and school-wide participation. The theme this year is The Americas. In the second workshop, you will learn how to incorporate the important geospatial technology of Global Positioning System into your classroom. You will also learn all about the newest outdoor leisure activity-GeoCaching, as well as a great new learning experience-EarthCaching.

When: Saturday, November 1, 2008 from 9:00 to 3:30 p.m.

Where: Cawley Middle School, Hooksett, NH

Why: Geography instruction is diminished for many reasons and the need for geographic knowledge is crucial for our young people to grow into full citizenship. We believe this can be done in many subject areas and with active learning.

Other points: If you wish to purchase a GPS, NHGA will offer them at ½ price ($50)

A $25 refundable deposit is required for registration. (If you register, we will refund your deposit if you attend and participate in the workshop.

If buying a GPS please pay with a seperate check made out to NHGA.

 Registration_Form (save as…to your computer) You can register by mail, send the downloaded form via e-mail or use the form below to register .

Please e-mail your registration form so we can plan and then put your check(s) in the mail.

Call Kristi Alvarez at 603-355-9921 or 358-2511 or e-mail with any questions.

This Workshop is over.