Middle-High School Geography Teachers Needed to Host Visiting Teachers from Germany


First, thanks for helping me in placing the German Fulbright teachers in schools around the country during the week of April 12. Let me explain what is needed and why. The teachers are sponsored by a Fulbright grant and have been selected by the German Fulbright Commission. This program has been in effect for a number of years in a variety of forms. Having worked with prior groups of German teacher, I can attest to the fact that they are intelligent, hardworking and have fine senses of humor. This year 20-24 teachers will spend two weeks with us at Penn State focusing on American school issues and visiting urban, rural and suburban schools.  

Then they will travel to the various school sites to spend two days in a school where they can meet with teachers, students and administrators, as well as observe daily school life. They will then move to another school within a couple hundred miles to replicate the process. All of these teachers hope to establish a relationship between their schools and the schools which they visit, one that will be able to lead to further teacher exchanges and, possibly student visits.
Thus, any school selected must have a course of courses with some European focus such as German language, World Languages, World History, World Cultures and a willingness to explore exchange possibilities.

 Accepting a teacher is NOT a commitment to such exchanges, but, rather, a
willingness to consider such exchanges. Exchanges might be done electronically such as reading  the same book and discussing it on-line or through a discussion forum like Skype, or include actual physical exchanges. Teachers will provide their own transportation to and from the district. Their lodging can vary. Many would hope to have two nights of home stays, since they get to engage in a larger part of American life. However, if that isn’t possible, they will be fine staying in a local bed & breakfast or hotel/motel. It would be nice if the visiting teachers could go to some school event in an evening and/or have a little welcoming reception thrown for them, but that isn’t required either.

Most of the teachers teach English in Germany, but some teach geography, science, math. Once we find a “match”, which would be in mid to late January, we will inform the teachers of their host school and identify a contact person. The teachers would then contact their intended school with questions/introductions/comments and we would hope that a dialogue would ensue.

So, in summation, a school needs to have two things 1. Some European focus in the context of the curriculum 2. A willingness to explore teacher and student exchanges ( in any form) between the German and American school.

The host school must be willing to have the teacher in the school April 13-14 or April 15-16. Teachers will depart for Germany on April 17.

These are great folks and your help is greatly appreciated.

If you are interested please contact me via email

Murry Nelson

Professor Emeritus of Education and American Studies

Penn State University


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