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New Hampshire Atlas

The New Hampshire atlas was published in March of 2014 by the Geography Department at Keene State College. This atlas is geared to enhance the teaching unit on New Hampshire in fourth grade, but might be used for other grades as well. It has 24 pages, including the front and back cover, and has 21 pages of color maps. There are several different types of maps including topics such as basic location, physical features, culture, and historical information. The atlas also includes a section of New Hampshire facts, a section of statistical information of the counties and towns, and a few color photographs of various locations around the state. The atlases of Vermont, Rhode Island, Massachusettes and Connecticut follow a similar format as the New Hampshire Atlas.

Atlas Sample Page (As a pdf file)
New Hampshire Atlas Sample Page

To request a copy of the atlas, download the order form below. The cost is $10.00 each – for an order of 30 or more atlases the cost is $8.00 each plus shipping and handling. It is also available on a CD.
New Hampshire Atlas Order Form

Atlas Ideas.

NH Atlas Lesson Plans

NH Atlas Table of Contents

New Hampshire Facts Inside Front Cover
Location of New Hampshire 3
Counties of New Hampshire 4
Landform Regions 5
Precipitation 6
Watersheds 7
Native Americans 8
First Towns and Counties 9
Early Settlements 10
Early Trade 11
Railroads 12
Major Highways 13
Agriculture 14
Tourism Regions 15
State Parks and Forest 16
Population 1790 17
Population 1850 and 1910 18
Population 1970 and 2000 19
Diversity 2000 20
US Diversity 2000 21
Town and County Facts 22
Town and County Map Inside Back Cover

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