Community Atlas Projects

Unwind by Attending a presentation of high-interest technology-rich projects on a Friday afternoon in a classroom near you!

Ina Ahern, Scott Semmens and Bob Woolner will present past Community Atlas Projects (local community mapping of topics of interest to students) and discuss and explore the direction of future ESRI sponsored projects, using web-based mapping and Silverlight presentations.

Starting at 4:00pm, and ending close to 6:00pm in each location (attend any 1 road-show), you will be shown past projects that take students out of the classroom to create maps of their own community using technology including GPS to GIS through web-page creation. This on-going project opportunity created by ESRI has brought GIS into schools and classrooms all over the country. Learn how you can begin a simple project this year, and expand on the use of technology in the future. Refreshments and door prizes will be given.

Friday April 15th, Keene State College229 Main Street
Putnam Science Center, room 264
Keene, New Hampshire 03435
42 degrees, 55’ 38.46”N 72 degrees 16’ 46.84”W


Friday May 13th, Mast Way School23 Mast Road
Lee New Hampshire 03861
43 07’31.64 N” 71 00′ 28.54”W

For more information, and to register, contact:

Ina Ahern at 603 536-1444

Bob Woolner at 603 746-4167 or 603 464-3826

Register Online