For those that haven’t heard yet, I’m very excited to announce the press release of James Cameron’s DEEPSEA CHALLENGE! In the coming weeks, James Cameron will be attempting to do what only 1 team (2 men aboard the 1960 Trieste) have done before— to travel to the bottom of the deepest known point (nearly 7 miles) in the ocean, Challenger Deep, of the Mariana Trench. He will be traveling in a one-manned sub of brand new design, and if successful, will stay at the bottom for 6 hours conducting scientific experiments and collecting media to shed light on this most mysterious, and most inaccessible, of places.


The Ocean Team has been working very hard to get ready for this launch and with the help of Nina, Sarah Jane, Sean, Christina, Caryl-Sue, Alison, Pam, Mickey, Margaret, Corey and the rest of the dev team, we’ve been able to pull together a very nice offering of materials!

Highlights include:
a landing page with all our related resources

-a new Ocean Exploration Timeline

– a take-over of the Nat Geo Education Blog (the blog formerly known as the My Wonderful World blog) by 4 special-edition guest bloggers

– a direct link from the dotcom site


We need your help in spreading the word! Please share this new, exciting project with all of your networks. Facebook, Twitter, email, snailmail, carrier pigeon— get the word out anyway you can.


Here’s some info to help you do it:


Social Media Information:
NGEP Twitter Handle: @NatGeoEd
Expedition Twitter Handle: @DeepChallenge
Expedition Twitter hashtag: #deepseachallenge

Some news pieces:
Here’s the story from the Insider— note the nice callout to Education!
Here’s the story in the NY Times — it made the front page!
We’ll be sure to keep you updated as the project grows.