Geoliteracy in the Classroom

April 9th 2011 in Durham NH.

This all day workshop will explore the idea of  keeping geography alive in the classroom through a variety of reading and language art activities.  Participants will discover how to integrate children’s literature, technology and the arts to increase geographic literacy with their students.

Planning strategies, specific activities for each grade, and resources will be shared.

Geography for the Elementary Classroom.

May 7th 2011 Central NH

Do you love Geography? Would you like to fit it into your very busy day?  This all day workshop will give you ideas, lesson plans and teaching strategies to incorporate into Reading, Science and Social Studies.  Participants will receive lessons that give the students hands on experiences that are easy to implement using curriculum you already teach.

Come share your ideas with fellow teachers.

Return to your classroom with sure fire ideas and goodies.

Hope to see you there.

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