The goal of the 2008-2009 Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical project, Enhancing Student Learning with GIS Across the Curriculum, is to expose New Hampshire teachers and students to GIS (geographic information systems) and other geospatial technologies and provide teachers with the knowledge and support needed to implement GIS-based lessons and projects with their students.  Applications are currently being accepted for the spring portion of the program where I will be working with five teams of teachers from across the state to begin or expand their use of geospatial technologies in schools.  
Geospatial technologies include web mapping, visualization programs (such as Google Earth), GPS, and GIS software.  These technologies can be utilized in any curricular area that deals with spatial information (information that can be tied to a location) and across a variety of grade levels.  This fall I’ve worked with teachers and observed it successfully integrated with students from 3rd grade through high school and in a variety of curricular areas such as art, civics, earth and environmental science, English, geography, history, and outdoor education.
There is no cost for participation in this program.  Selected teams will receive books, software, professional development training, and one-on-one support at their school site.  For further information and links to the application, please visit  For those of you who work in schools, I hope you will consider recruiting a team and applying.  For those of you outside school settings, please consider passing this on to teachers that you work with who might be interested in participating.
Thank you,
Ina Ahern
2008-2009 Christa McAuliffe Sabbatical Fellow
Science Teacher
Plymouth Regional High School