MISSION: Explore the Adventure in Your Community
Wednesday, November 2, 2011

7pm EDT/ 6pm CDT/12am GMT

Daniel Raven-Ellison
The Geography Collective, London, UK

Your mission if you’re willing to accept it… The heart of this year’s Geography Awareness Week (GAWeek) will revolve around a series of “missions” that encourage individuals or teams of students, families, or friends to explore their own communities through geographic eyes, and challenge them to look at things from a geographic perspective. Join us as we explore the theme for GAWeek 2011, “Geography: The Adventure in Your Community”. By completing a varied series of missions, individuals or teams can earn “badges” in the four sub-theme categories: photography, storytelling, mapping, and taking action.

Daniel Raven-Ellison of The Geography Collective, a UK partnership of geography teachers and educators and National Geographic Education’s (NatGeoEd) content partner for GAWeek 2011, joins us from London! Daniel will describe the GAWeek activity and the Mission:Explore project along with explaining the theory behind mission-based learning and guerrilla geography. Preview the NatGeoEd Mission: Explore resources by going to www.GeographyAwarenessWeek.org. Learn how to make the very most of the GAWeek resources to support geo-literacy and learning in any classroom. Are you willing to accept the mission?