New Hampshire has joined the geography alliances of VT, RI, ME, MA, CT, to form a regional collaborative, the New England Geography Education Network (NEGEN). NEGEN advocates and supports shared expertise in content knowledge and organizational resources in order to achieve a broader regional impact in geography education. NEGEN is hosting a poster contest to kick off their new website. Following this year’s Geography Awareness Week Campaign, the theme of this contest is “Our New England Community”.


1. Only K-12 students living in the New England states are eligible to participate.
2. One piece of artwork per student in any medium.
3. All artwork must be created by the student. The entry must be conceptualized, developed, and completed by the student. If a parent or teacher has any doubt about the originality of the piece, it should not be submitted.
4. All artwork must be submitted electronically in a PDF format to; a scanned piece of work is absolutely appropriate.
5. All entries must be submitted with a completed entry form.
6. All entries are due no later than November 1, 2011.
7. All entries will become property of NEGEN.

Each entry will be judged by a panel of geographers and teachers from the New England Geography Education Network (NEGEN). There will be an equal amount of judges from each state. The entries will be judged according to the following criteria. All criterion is weighted equally.

1. Relevance to Theme
2. Artwork
3. Personal Expression

The winner from each state will win a National Geographic Atlas. Their artwork will be showcased on the new website for the New England Geographic Education Network.

NEGEN Entry Form

NEGEN Poster

For questions, please contact Lara Bryant via email at


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