New Hampshire in a Nutshell.

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Prior to European settlement New Hampshire was inhabited by numerous Algonquin tribes, esp. of the Pennacook confederacy.
The coast was explored by several English explorers early in the 17th century. The area East of the Merrimac river was included in a grant to John Mason and Sir Ferdinando Gorges in 1622 and in New Hampshire grant to Mason in 1629.

NH was first settled by the English near Portsmouth in 1623 ; controlled by Massachusettes 1641-79; made a seperate royal province in 1679 but under the same governor as Massachusettes 1699-1741.
Area of Vermont settled under New Hampshire jurisdiction, which New York disputed, area of Vermont awarded 1764 by royal order to jurisdiction of New York (final claims to area not relinquished by New Hampshire until 1782);

In 1776 New Hampshire was the first colony to declare independence from Great Britain. Adopted it’s first constitution 1776, present constitution adopted 1784 (frequently amended).

Dartmouth College case decided 1819 in U.S. Supreme Court, confirming right of private corporations against excessive state regulation.

New Hampshire is bounded on the North by Quebec, on the East by Maine and the Atlantic Ocean (in the extreme SE), on the West by Vermont and on the S by Massachusettes.

In area it’s the 44th state: 9272 sq. mi (24,033 sq. km)
In population it’s the 41st state: 1,315,809 in 2008
An original state of the Union it was 9th to ratify the U.S. Constitution, (June 21,1788).

Nickname; The Granite State.
State Capital: Concord.
State Tree: White Birch.
State Flower: Purple Lilac.
State Bird: Purple Finch.
Motto; Live Free Or Die.

Rivers: The Connecticut river forms a boundry with Vermont. Salmon Falls and Piscataqua form SE boundry; Saco, flowing SE across the border into Maine; Merrimack, flowing from S central area S across border into Massachusettes.

Mountains: The White Mountains in North Central include the highest point in New England, Mt. Washington 6288 ft (1917 m) in Coos county.

Chief products: Dairy products, apples, maple syrup, vegetables, nursery plants,tourism, electrical products, leather goods. It was once an important center of granite quarrying.

Chief cities: Manchester, Nashua, Concord.

Political divisions: Divided into the following 10 counties.

Information from the Merriam-Webster Geographical Dictionary. (3rd Edition) Google Books Version.

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