Can you believe the 2012-2013 school year is ¼ over? Those of us working on the team supporting the implementation of geospatial technologies in NH schools and the Esri K-12 Statewide Educational Site License for Esri Software felt it was time for an e-mail to participating districts to share progress, solicit information on what else you need for support, and share information on some upcoming opportunities.

In addition to the license for the ArcGIS Desktop software, the Esri program now includes access to a limited number of ArcGIS Online for Organizations accounts. We are currently looking for schools or districts that have teams of teachers (3 or more) who are willing to participate in a 2.5 hour training to learn more about how to administer and use these accounts. ArcGIS Online is platform independent and requires no software installation. If interested, please send an e-mail to

In order to facilitate communication among participants, NHEdGIS is joining the NHDRC Collaborative Rings program. For more information about this see  and to join the NHEdGIS ring visit . We are hoping this will help serve as a vehicle for communication among interested teachers and districts.

The application period for Esri’s T3G (Teachers Teaching Teachers GIS) is currently open (closes Nov 30th). This is a really outstanding program held at Esri’s home in Redlands, CA. Although you are responsible for the cost of your flight and some meals, there is no cost for the week-long training or hotel. We have had a NH representative attend this program each year since it first began four years ago, and I know we all feel it was a tremendous experience. In the past, you needed to have a fairly significant GIS background to complete the application and be accepted, but this year Esri is expanding the program from 30 to 100 participants and focusing almost exclusively on the ArcGIS Online platform. They are also looking for teams of participants from state license states such as ours. We have a couple of alumni who are hoping to return this year to learn more about the online platform, but we also need some new people who want to get more involved in helping to implement GIS in their own districts and across the state to join us. Check out the information on Esri’s website at  and if you’re interested, we’ll be glad to help with the application process–just drop us a line at

Happy Mapping!

Ina & the NHEdGIS Partnership


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