The New Hampshire Geographic Alliance has developed a variety of resources available for use in classroom instruction. This includes New England Atlases for sale,Free Lesson Plans and items for loan. Many more resources can be accessed on our website but you must be a registered user.

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The New Hampshire Geographic Alliance (NHGA) envisions a future for our state in which all of our citizens have a achieved a high level of geographic literacy as a result of cooperative, collaborative, and coordinated educational and policy efforts.


The mission of the New Hampshire Geographic Alliance (NHGA) is to engender an awareness, appreciation, and understanding of the fundamental importance of Geography, its spatial perspectives, and its vital relationship to our lives. NHGA promotes an increase of and diffusion of geographic literacy in New Hampshire by communicating with, building relationships to, and providing opportunities for educators, educational decision makers, and institutions of education.


Contact Information:

Lara Bryant:Coordinator: (603)-358-2428


Lara Bryant


New Hampshire Geographic Alliance

Keene State College

229 Main Street, MailStop 2001




Why_Geography_Matters_in_NH      (pdf file)

The New Hampshire Geographic Alliance has a printable map of New Hampshire. Download in a .zip file and print each section at your leisure. The .zip will download and open up a folder with 29 separate Tile maps. If you open up the file marked NHTiles first it will give you an overview of the map of New Hampshire and allow you to see what file corresponds to what region on the map. You must be a registered User to access our Resources.


The printable maps are available on our Resources page.

New Hampshire Geographic Alliance has GPS Units, Mega Maps, Nexus Tablets and Infrared Thermometers available for loan to schools in New Hampshire. If you are interested in borrowing anything please submit an online request by using the online form or contact the NHGA Coordinator at:


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Available for sale from New Hampshire Geographic.


New Hampshire Atlas


Rhode Island Atlas


Vermont Atlas


Massachusetts Atlas


Connecticut Atlas



Hello fellow Geographers,


As you may be aware the New Hampshire Geographic Alliance has just published the 3rd edition of our NH School Atlas.   Please take a moment to answer the short 15 question survey regarding your use of atlases in the classroom.  Please take the survey even if you don’t use the NH School Atlas.  This survey will be used to inform our decisions regarding professional development and curriculum development.  Keene State Geography majors are also using this as part of their seminar research project.   Please complete the survey by Saturday November 15, 2014.




Thank you,

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