Let’s send 10,000 letters to Congress in support of geography education at SpeakUpForGeography.org.
The 112th Congress needs to know that you support the Teaching Geography is Fundamental Act (TGIF). TGIF authorizes $15 million per year for five years to fund programs to improve pre-service geography teacher training, integrate geospatial technologies into the K-12 curriculum, and provide teacher professional development, among others. Federal education legislation recognizes geography as a “core academic subject” but unlike other core subjects such as history, civics, economics, foreign languages, and the arts, there is no federal funding dedicated to advancing geography education. Even if you think your Senators and Representative will not cosponsor the legislation, it is important that your voice is heard.

The Speak Up for Geography website tallies all of the letters sent and then the gathered information will be used to demonstrate widespread support for geography teaching across the United States. There are no restrictions on who may use the speakupforgeography.org website; everyone living in the United States is eligible to contact Members of Congress including non-registered voters and non-citizens.

Make your voice heard on Capitol Hill at SpeakUpForGeography.org, encourage others to send letters to Congress, and spread the message that teaching geography is fundamental.


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