This modular series of ten EU lesson plans was prepared by the European Union Delegation to the United States. The lessons are designed to support History and Social Sciences curricula in the United States for grades 9-12 and can be adapted for middle school students.

Developed by educators, the lessons can be used as stand-alone units or as a series. Each lesson (in PDF format) is accompanied by a PowerPoint with additional information to support the presentation. These lessons will be updated periodically to correlate with new developments in the European Union.

Lesson 1: A Rationale for Studying Europe: The Changing Context of EU-US Relations

PowerPoint: Why should students in the United States study Europe and the European Union

Lesson 2: The Geography of Europe

PowerPoint: Where in the world is the European Union

Lesson 3: Cultural Identity

PowerPoint: How does cultural diversity impact political identity.

Lesson 4: The Founding and Development of the European Union

PowerPoint: How did Europe transition from a period of conflict to a period of sustained peace.

Lesson 5: Structure of Government within the EU

PowerPoint: How does the structure of government within the EU compare with the Structure of government in the US

Lesson 6: The EU’s Economic and Monetary Union

Powerpoint: How do individuals, businesses and economies benefit from using the Euro

Lesson 7: The Single Market and Free Trade

PowerPoint: How has the single market benefited millions of Europeans

Lesson 8: Immigration to the European Union

PowerPoint: Why do individuals want to move into the European Union

Lesson 9: The Environment, Energy and Climate Change

PowerPoint: How is the EU addressing the issue of climate change

Lesson 10: The EU on the World State: Security, Stability and Prosperity

PowerPoint: How does the EU promote security, stability and prosperity

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Kenneth J. Relihan
Social Studies, World Languages, and Gifted and Talented Consultant
Director, NH AP Test Fee Program
School Improvement Group- South West Liaison