On January 28th, 2012, two Trekking the Planet travelers will embark on a 426-day expedition to explore the cities, peoples, history, economics, topography, nature and customs of 50 countries on six continents, along with treks into 11 of the world’s most remote and unspoiled places of natural or cultural significance. Special focus will be on the environment and on sustainability practices, highlighting where the world is being threatened or improved. The mission of this nonprofit and fully funded venture will be to provide materials while en route to help schools all over the world to better educate students about human and physical geography in new and exciting ways.

Teachers will be able to access each of the 60 planned weekly four-page modules online as potential enrichments to geography lessons already being taught. TTP’s travelers will also provide emails, photography, interviews, audio and video while traveling around the world. Maps and coordinates will highlight these locations. Students can formulate and post questions to be answered by the travelers in the subsequent week’s materials. Teachers may find the information provided as useful reference material for student use in assigned reports or student-created media incorporating pictures or video.

To view the subscription form, go to http://www.trekkingtheplanet.net/educators . If you care to scroll down below the form, you can view a typical educational module that teachers will receive weekly.



Also available for download  TTP_Release_NEWS_1.15


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