U.S. – China Teacher Exchange Program

The National Committee on U.S.-China relations is now seeking applications for an exchange program for teachers in American and Chinese schools. This is an unusual opportunity for schools and districts wishing to begin or strengthen Chinese language and culture programs and for teachers wishing to live and teach in China.

Since the program’s inception during the 1996-97 school year, we have had American teachers from across the country in selective secondary schools throughout China, including Beijing, Chendu, Dalian, Anqing,  Hefei, Ma’anshan, and Yangzhou. We anticipate continuing to work in some of these cities in 2012.

The American teachers in China teach English as a foreign language. The Chinese teachers, all of whom teach English as a foreign language in China, may teach Chinese history, language and culture, and/or English as a second language at participating American schools.

The National Committee sponsors orientation programs in the United States and China during the summer before the exchange year. For American teachers, this covers “survival” Chinese, the teaching of  English as a foreign language, and an introduction to China and its schools. The orientation session for Chinese teachers covers the teaching of Chinese as a foreign language, instruction on American
teaching methodology, and an introduction to the United States and its schools.

If you are interested in the exchange, please e-mail tep@ncuscr.org or
send a letter to:
Teachers Exchange Program, National Committee on U.S.-China Relations
71 West 23rd Street, Suite 1901, New York, NY 10010

for more information and an application package.

The application deadline for the 2012-13 school year is March 1, 2012.


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